where the road to recovery begins

What is Turning Point?

Turning Point is a residential program that offers help to people who suffer from life controlling addictions such as substance abuse, depression, etc. Our program has served the Tri-State area for over 13 years, maintaining a success rate over 75%. Turning Point aims to use our successful model we've established to impact cities and communities across the country. Turning Point's holistic approach to recovery has helped even the most desperate cases, be totally transformed and set free. 

 In a time when drug addiction has affected 3 out of every four families in America, Turning Point has consistently stood on the front lines. Through the program, outreach and prevention campaigns, Turning Point has been a positive force toward reversing the harmful effects of addiction in our communities.

" ..through their various ministries, Turning Point stands as a beacon for anyone who desires to chart a new course. They are truly assisting people to discover and nourish a meaningful life in their community"

Dr. Mark McKinney, St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, CT.

Our Story

Turning Point was formed over 13 years ago in Bristol CT. What began as one home with a few men, blossomed into in a national program which has facilitated healing and restoration for hundreds of men and women. 

In 2006, Under the guidance of Executive Director John Muratori, Turning Point received national recognition from the Bush Administration as the a model faith-based rehabilitation center. 

Recently we have begun offering services to the Dallas-Fort Worth community!